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When you look at the many benefits that Kayaking offers, it’s surprising that it isn’t more mainstream and we’ll have to assume that the only reason for that is the logistics. After all, the equipment needed for the sport (i.e. the Kayak) isn’t particularly portable making the costs of storage or continually renting equipment a bit of a bug-bear. That is until now; thanks to the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak owning your own Kayaking equipment has never been so easy.


The Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is an inflatable Kayak that is specifically designed to make Kayaking for two people totally accessible. Whatever your favorite type of Kayaking is, whether that is Flatwater recreation, Sailing, Surf Kayaking, Canoe polo, the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is for you. Read on to learn more with our totally comprehensive (pros AND cons) Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Review.

Here we take you through the Pros and Cons of the K2 Kayak, as tried and tested by a range of Kayak enthusiasts and novices alike.


  • Its ready to go
  • Fits in trunk
  • Easy assembly/diassembly
  • Built for 2
  • Extra room for gear
  • Sporty build
  • Durable
  • Emergency System
  • Price


  • Not Kid Friendly
  • Black color

It's ready to go

The K2 Kayak is cleverly designed for use immediately right out of the box, all you need to do is purchase and you have a complete Kayaking system suitable for lakes or mild rivers. While the manufacturer does not recommend it, many Kayaking enthusiasts have also reported great experiences in rapids and stronger current rivers.

It fits in any trunk

This kayak is specifically designed to make your favorite sport or hobby much more accessible, simply throw it in the trunk of your car and go. In fact, the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is specifically designed to even fit in the smallest of cars. Simply inflate and deflate as required. What’s even better, at just 30lbs you can carry the kayak from the car to water with total ease.

It’s easy to assemble/disassemble

The K2 is easy to inflate with quick Boston valves, which means you can be in the water in no time at all. Similarly, when it’s time to pack up for the day, the K2 plays ball with a quick deflation system that allows you to pack and go.

Built for two

The K2 Kayak is built for two people, with 312 x 91 x 51cm measurements. However, not only is it built for two people, but it’s built for two kayak fans of varying weight and size – this includes an adult and a child. Trust us, even with an uneven weight distribution, this Kayak stays buoyant and has totally even displacement.

Not only does it fit two people, the K2 Kayak works to ensure the comfort of two people with fully adjustable inflatable seats. Simply position for your own comfort and go!

But one works too

The fact is, Kayaking is tiring, especially if it’s undertaken by children who often abandon ship half-way through. Thankfully, Intex has really thought this through with a super light-weight Kayak that can be operated by one person as and when needed.

Built for holding equipment

When you have a day out on the water, it calls for supplies – the pump, ropes, binoculars, extra paddles, a PFD, water and even snacks. Don’t worry though, the K2 is built to store the equipment you need  thanks to the extra storage space both front and back. This makes it a stand-out against other inflatables which are usually just built for to fit your body, overlooking the necessary equipment.

Sporty high visibility graphics

You would be forgiven for thinking that function might supersede design, but that is simply not the case. The K2 has a sporty look which is modern yet serves to ensure high visibility when out on lakes and mild rivers.

Durable design and composition

This inflatable is made from SUPER-TOUGH™ 30-guage vinyl over a 1200 denier nylon shell complete with internal tubes. What does that mean? Toughness and durability no matter what condition you find yourself in. On top of this, inflatable I-Beam floors and removable skegs ensure stability and optimum directional stability.

Emergency system

Ok, such is life – sometimes disaster strikes and when it does, it’s good to know that your Kayak can cope with it. Thankfully, this inflatable holds air in two separate chambers (one in the main hull and one in the floor), so if a puncture happens, it will always remain buoyant. Not only this, but the bottom of the Kayak is totally reinforced to protect the chamber floor. Also, know that this Kayak comes with a puncture repair kit so that you can take the necessary repair steps immediately. Phew!


Ultimately, when it comes to the Kayak price trumps! For less than a hundred you have everything you need to get you out Kayaking and creating memories that will last a lifetime – not many experiences are so cheap!

Sound too good to be true? Want to know if there are any niggles to be alerted to? OK, full disclosure coming up.

It’s not overly kid friendly

The K2 seems to be marketed at families and yet the paddles are at a fixed size of 84”. Because they are not adjustable, small children might struggle to be any help maneuvering. On the plus, if you experience this remember what we said above and feel confident that you can take over the whole rowing yourself with total ease (thanks to the lightweight design).

Black color

One design fail is probably to have colored the Kayak in black since it leads to over inflation during sunny days. This is because black absorbs heat, which makes the Kayak expand and at a risk of puncturing. Remember to hold on to the puncture repair kit provided – just in case!


Despite these super small criticisms, the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is completely stand-out in terms of durability, compatibility, manageability, comfort, and ultimately price. We challenge you to find an inflatable system that makes Kayaking so effortless.


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