An Easy Guide on How to Build Homemade Kayak Trailer

Do you own a kayak and have difficulties transporting it? Are you tired of strapping your kayak on and off your car roof? Do you wish to just build your own trailer instead of buying a new one? This article is here to help you!

Below is a guide on how to build your homemade kayak trailer. By reading this article, we will not only teach you how to build a homemade kayak trailer. We will also give you tips on what materials to use. We hope you will be able to build your own kayak trailer successfully after reading this.

Homemade Kayak Trailer

The Need for Kayak Trailers

As a kayak owner, you already know how inconvenient it is to transport your boat. This is a very difficult situation especially if you have more than one kayak. Or if you have a small car, you know the struggle in strapping your kayak on the car roof. Having this problem always gets in the way of you spending more of your time on the water. This is the reason why kayak owners invest in kayak trailers to make transportation easier and more convenient.

Buying a pre-built kayak trailer is a bit pricey compared to homemade ones. Buying new trailers may cost you $1000 while building your own will cost you a lot less. If you already have a trailer, you can just convert it for kayak use.

It does not require much building experience to create your own homemade kayak trailer. Welding tools are used to make the trailer more stable. You must remember to always be careful when handling sharp and flammable materials. If you feel you can’t do this on your own, you can always ask a friend or a family member for a helping hand.

What Materials Do You Need

Building your homemade kayak trailer is going to cost less if you buy parts individually. You may want to look for these materials in your local kayak stores. Or if you already have them, then you’re good to go.

Make sure you have all the materials ready as it can also save you time. Another thing, if you buy materials, go for the high-quality ones. This can be beneficial for you as well because you won’t have to spend money and time maintaining your trailer.

  •         Kayak Straps: You are going to need straps if you wish to transport your kayak from one place to another. If you wish to save money, you can also use ropes. You must make sure that they don’t stretch and are water-resistant. You may also want to buy one or two for your paddles.
  •         Kayak Trailer Rack: The rack will carry your kayak on top of the trailer. It is essential to choose or build one depending on the size of your kayak. In addition, the material you should use must depend on the weight especially if you have more than one kayak.
  •         Rubber Protection Strip: You can use this one to protect the surfaces of your kayak. It also prevents the kayak from getting abrasion from the rough surfaces of your trailer rack.
  •         Kayak Storage Rack Fits: This material will be of great advantage if you wish to transport more than one kayak. This should also depend on how many kayaks you are to transport.
  •         End Caps for Dock Racks: This one is essential because it will attach your trailer to your vehicle. Choose one that will carry the weight of your trailer.
  •         Trailer Axle: You need the axle, as this will distribute the weight of your whole trailer to your tires. Take note that the length should be proportional to the length of your trailer.
  •         Gusset Plates: For added support, you can also attach triangular gusset plates. This will secure your boat and ensure your trailer will not collapse.
  •         Tires: You have to buy ones for trailer use. You can find the words “Trailer Use Only” on the side of the tires. These tires are made specifically for trailer use, as they will handle the overall weight of your trailer.
  •         Eye Bolts: You can either buy marine-grade or galvanized. However, galvanized ones prove to perform better in harsh weather.

How to Build a Kayak Trailer

  •         You should first determine the size of your trailer. Carefully determine the weight and capacity so that you can customize your trailer based on your specifications.  Your trailer might need sturdier suspension and larger tires if your kayak is heavy. Determining the length is also important so that your kayak will not fall off your trailer even when it’s strapped. The size of your trailer should be proportional to the size of your kayak.
  •         You must decide how you will construct your trailer. You may either assemble through separate parts or convert an existing trailer. The latter is easier but you have to make sure to purchase the right tools from your local kayak store. Starting from scratch is also easy. You just have to follow the steps in building your homemade kayak trailer.
  •         You must decide if you can build your trailer by yourself. Building one is very easy if you have the right tools and the ability. You have to make sure that you’re okay with heavy lifting. You need construction and mechanical mastery. Knowledge in carpentry and electricity is desirable as well.
  •         After you gathered your tools and materials, you can now build the trailer frame. The frame should have four steel rods, two on the back and front and two on the either sides. Next, you must weld the rods together and make sure that corners are in a square form. Keep in mind that the length of sides must depend on the length of the trailer. After that, you must weld support beams and attach the boards to the frame.
  •         The next step is to connect the axles. The most important thing to remember is that you have to make sure that the weight on the front and the back are well-balanced. Once you are done with the axle, proceed to attaching the tires.
  •         By this time, you are almost done building your homemade kayak trailer. Drill eye bolts on the front of your trailer, as they will attach the bungees. Doing this will make sure that your kayak is secured to your trailer.
  •         You can now install the straps that will secure your kayak to the trailer. There is an option to attach straps that will carry your paddles. Make sure they are secured so it will not fall off while you are in transit.

To summarize, building your homemade kayak trailer may seem difficult. But with the right tools and following the above instructions, you can do it easily. This job only requires minimum amount of carpentry, construction and mechanical knowledge. You can always ask a family member to help you with building your trailer.

James R. Douglas