Thing to consider when choosing the best color for fishing kayaks

The increase in popularity with kayak fishing in both lakes and at sea, generated a debate about what is the best color for the fishing kayaks. The most important thing to consider is safety, especially for fishing on the sea. The kayak should be visible to other boats, fishermen and swimmers. Fish not enxergam a wide range of colors and are more likely to react to shadows.

kayak safety is first thing to consider

Safety is the most important thing

The most important thing to consider when choosing the color of a kayak is the visibility, especially with fishing kayak on the sea, but avoiding boats on lakes is also important. There are recent studies on visibility of kayak’s color. Some colors that seem highly visible, some are not. Red kayaks disappear in low light and white kayaks can be confused with a wave breaking. And bright blue can be difficult to recognize in the blue ocean. So, most kayakers recommended orange or like colors often seen in fire trucks or ambulances. Yellow kayaks are also visible at high distance. Some paddlers think sleeve color are also highly visible on the waves. For those who use dark colors, a solution is holding a bright green lemon or orange flag give visibility out of the waves.

Green lemon color kayak

Fish and their color visibility

There are few studies consider that the fish could not see many colors. They react with the shadow, though. Some kayakers like to have bright blue on the bottom of their boat, help them to mix their kayak with sea water. A white color at the bottom, on a sunny day may be transparent to fish than a dark background. A sand color kayak may be also a good choice for fishing kayak. Other fishermen think yellow kayaks will be attractive by sea lions, so they recommend bright green or orange kayak when fishing in the area that near sea lions. Because, they will steal bait and fish off a line.

kayak_orange (1)

Below I listed some kayakers’ comment that help you in choosing the best color for your own fishing kayak

Most of the canoes used for fishing is red, so my guess is in red, and is more visible when paddlingMarcelo Lanzara
I personally would use muted colors (green, beige, camouflage etc.) to fish in wetlands, rivers and lakes, where the wave motion is non-existent and the place is shallower, where the fish realizes more easily these details. Not only the color of the kayak, but the color of the shirt will be using, because of the movements we make with the rod. Anyway, tt depends on where to fish.Melinger
I will disagree with many, but the color of the kayak must be strong to be seen by people surfing around him. The color does not matter as the sound look at the case of artificial lures – red, orange and hot pink are garish colors in nature represent something poisonous, but in various situations are very efficient when it fishing.Paul N. Moore
I’m thinking of a yellow flag or orange! Great idea!Megan G. Copeland

And YOU, do you think, which is the best color for your kayak? Share with me!

James R. Douglas

Daniel Djalma - November 5, 2015

In my opinion, may be the green-black or black and green.
The brightly colored yes frighten the fish.

    Robert Hensky - November 5, 2015

    Friend, you must go over the section of stories … a lot of people with great fish and vivid color kayak:D

    Nando Pescado - November 5, 2015

    Kayak color is important, yes, but not with pro fishing, and to highlight you, the light-colored kayak and garish is the best because it does not heat up too much and is easy to be seen. Fish do not care to color the kayak 😀
    Btw, thank James for your sharing. Hopefully one day will be your fishing trip.

      James R. Douglas - November 5, 2015

      Yeah, I hope too:). Thank you, Nando.
      Wish you will join my blog regularly and have more and more valuable opinions

Kev Snider - November 5, 2015

I’ll get serious now, once in a lifetime …. I know there are people who think differently but since one can say what you think, is this:
Good fishing, with good results, is summed up in 15% of knowledge and technique, 15% and 70% persistence of luck and nothing more.
Fish do so even there to color your kayak, no matter whether it be a bass, one transition or a catfish.
Yet no matter the color of the kayak, most fish get scared when anything that looks like a kayak approaches within 10 meters, so we have to shoot.
A bottom fishing with bait well below the vessel, it is possible, however, one must be stopped in place for a few minutes and avoid hitting your foot or anything else in the hull. Instinctively, for the fish if it’s something big, moves and makes sounds, it must be a creature that came to devour him, as it does not move and does not emit sounds, it is not something alive therefore not dangerous.

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